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Auto Injury

Have you been in a car accident in the past 6 months? Learn more about our specialty in Auto Injuries.

Your car insurance policy covers for you to be examined and treatments for your injuries. Motor Vehicle Collisions (MVCs or car accidents) are a traumatic event that usually results in some type of injury. The driver and passenger in the car can both be injured during the MVC because when the body’s inability to handle the stress, it usually causes injury.


What is PIP?

PIP is Personal Injury Protection. It’s insurance to cover expenses when injury occurs in a car accident. PIP is automatically covered when you buy your car insurance in Oregon. This coverage will cover for all occupants inside the car. Unlike other types of auto insurance claims, utilizing your personal injury protection will not increase your rates or premiums.

Sports injury

Sports Injury can occur at any age from recreational to professional competition. These injuries should be treated by a sports medical professional and if left untreated, can lead to scar tissue and chronic pain.

Common Injuries

Neck Pain

Pain, stiffness, tightness are some of the common complaints following a car accident. The neck is one of the most common areas injured following whiplash.

Back Pain

Some believe that when you hear the word whiplash, it only applies to the neck but that’s not true. Whiplash can occur in the low back as well because it’s expose to forces similar to the neck


Headaches are common after a car accident. These headaches can vary from mild to severe and should be checked out by a medical professional.

Work Place Injuries


Filing a claim

Tell your employer immediately after being injured

If you haven’t filled out the 801 form at work, please down the 801 form, fill it out completely to the best of your knowledge and turn it into your employer. Please fill it out within five days of being injured.

When you make an appointment at Prolific Wellness, please notify us and telling us it’s a work injury

Yourself and Dr. Tran will be filling out a 827 form together to turn into the insurance within three business days.

The insurer will have 60 days to accept or deny your work claim. If your claim has been accepted, the insurer will send a Notice of Acceptance listing the medical conditions accepted. If your claim has been denied, the insurer will send you a letter explaining why it was denied and we can appeal your claim.

Your rights and responsibilities

Your Rights
You have the right to file a worker’s compensation claim if you have been injured

Your employer cannot force or tell you not to file a claim

Your employer cannot tell you to say you were not injured at work

Your employer must send your claim (801 Form) to the insurer within five business days of being notified of your injury

If you are partially disabled totally disabled from work, you have the right to disability pay

You have the right to be represented by an attorney at no cost or attorney fees

Your Responsibilities
Read all letters and notices about your claim

Keep all records and letters you received

Keep all your medical appointments

Contact your employer immediately