Chiropractic Services

High Quality Care
Manual Adjustments

This is the most common form of Chiropractic technique. This usually involves a quick thrust/adjustment to the joint. You may hear an audible from the joint due to a gaseous release. This procedure is safe and most patients feel relief after the adjustments.

Gentle Adjusting

Instead of the manual adjustments, the Chiropractic Adjusting Tool used by Dr. Tran to deliver a light quick impulse to the joint.

Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy

Exercises and Rehab is a key component to optimizing your daily performance or activities. Dr. Tran is highly trained and keeps up to date with the latest research and innovative exercises.

Physical Therapy Modalities

At Prolific Wellness, we use electric current to stimulate the nerves for therapeutic purposes. We place electrodes around the injured area to deliver electrical impulses to allow safe nerve stimulation to reduce pain, both acute and chronic.

Ice & Heat

Depending on the injury, ice or heat therapy will be used. The goal and purpose is to affect cellular metabolism, inflammation or spasm.


Pin & Stretch

The goal of Pin and Stretch is to take a shortened muscle and stretch it through a full range of motion. The provider will apply pressure onto the muscle and either stretch it passively or have the patient actively move through the motion.


Instrumented Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation (IASTM)

IASTM could be used during treatment. The goal of IASTM is to use a hand held instrument to work on muscles and tendons. The hand held tool will cause a controlled microtrauma to the injured area to help with healing by creating a local inflammatory response.

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